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• Designing product packaging from time to time with a strong sense of branding. 

• Design various digital design such as social media posting and offline printed materials such as product packaging box, stickers, bunting, leaflet, brochure, t-shirts, caps, vape products. 

• Creating and editing product related images. 

• Work with creative department, marketing team, content creator and photographer to create creative posts to social media accounts and related art projects. 

• Designing the required projects given by the company.-Industry research and post industry related news. 

• Update website with custom images. 


Desired Skills: 

• Keen attention to detailing of each design • Great skills in illustration.

 • Strong sense in branding 

• Ability to work independently 

• Creative mindset 

• Strong communication skills 

• Ability to multitask 

• Ability to quickly incorporate changes based on provided feedback 

• Ability to work on a team with creative department. 



• Candidate must possess at least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field 

• Required Skill(s): Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Drawing. 

• Preferably Junior Executive specialized in Arts/Creative/Graphics Design or equivalent. 

• Candidate will act as a Graphics Designer for this job position. 



 • Annual leaves



Job Overview

Date Posted Posted 3 months ago
Location Balakong
Job Title Graphic Designer
Salary RM2500.00 - RM4500.00
Contract Type Full Time
Contact 03 3358 3995
Closing Date 166 days more